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iPad Rental

Since the arrival of the iPad, XCEL Technology Rentals has been renting iPads for unique meetings and events where laptops or desktop rentals aren’t really the best fit.


iPads have proved to provide attendees and staff a more engaging and efficient way to be productive.

We Rent MacBook Air Laptops.

When you need more than an iPad and not quite a full-size laptop, the MacBook Air fits the bill.


Weighing in at a mere 2.38lbs, our MacBook Air rental inventory has the latest Intel Core processors along with solid-state storage and great battery life. It’s hard to believe they could fit that all in there.   

There’s an App for that!

To truly harness the power of the iPad, you need the right App.  With over 140,000 Apps currently available and more being added every day, chances are, you can find what you need to unleash the power of the iPad for your next event.

iPad Rental for Interactive Meetings

When you convene a large meeting, one of the key resources you have resides in the knowledge and experience of all the participants in the room.  The trick has been how to harness this knowledge effectively.  With iPads and XCEL’s tools and processes you can.

iPad Rental for Registration

Registration systems are evolving.  From rows of registrations desks to self-service check-in kiosks. Take your registration system to the next level.  Renting iPads from us with our recommended App you can leverage technology and make your event operations more efficient and save money.

Having supported numerous events ranging from 5 iPads to 520 iPads rented, XCEL can help your organization find the right Apps for your next event or even help in creating an App specifically tailored to your needs.


Our staff actively researches the App store looking for solutions to our clients needs.  Prior to delivery of the rented iPads our Technicians will:


The end result is a turnkey solution and one less thing you have to worry about.  Contact Us today to learn more on how we can make your next event an effective and memorable one.

Mac Air Rental

iPad Rental for Lead Retrieval
iPads are great devices for lead retrieval.  One of the best lead retrieval Apps on the market today is iLeads.  Not only can exhibitors capture leads with the iPad, they can also install their own presentations and product videos for some great one-on-one meetings.
Additional Benefits:
We rent all models of iPads
Our inventory of iPads started with the Gen 1 models which we still rent today at prices that make renting large quantities very affordable.
Our iPad rental inventory includes:
All iPad rental units come standard with a case that has a 3-position stand.  
Black or White?
The choice is yours.  We can rent you large quantities of either black or white model iPads.